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Ice Machine
Tube Ice Maker Machines
    • Tube Ice Maker Machines
    • Tube Ice Maker Machines
    • Tube Ice Maker Machines

Tube Ice Maker Machines

Tube Ice Maker Machines is JIANGSU ZENIYA main products,if you need Tube Ice Maker Machines,Welcome to contact us JIANGSU ZENIYA Tube Ice Maker Machines manufacturer.

Tube ice is thick and transparent with long storage period. It isn't likely to melt in a short time, good air permeability. 

Tube ice machine series space saved, high effect and energy saving, system intelligent control. It is a kind of well distributed vortex water film forming ice system, ice maker adopt full stainless steel material, meet eat sanitary standard, forming ice with nice shape. Machine design with cut ice and filter water equipment. 

Tube ice is a kind of hollow cylindrical ice with external diameter22mm, 28mm, 35mm and length 25~42mm. The hole diameter is usually 5~10mm and it can be adjusted according to ice making time.

Tube Ice Maker Machines Features: Tube ice is thick and transparent with long storage period. It isn't likely to melt in a short time, good air permeability.

Advantage:Block ice has a large dimension but has small contact area so it does not melt easily. It is usually cut into different pieces for different uses in ice sculpture, sea shipping and fish vessels. The small pieces of block ice can be also be used for various purposes. There will be a little loss because the ice will thaw partly when crushed. Zeronice offers both transparent and milky white ice for your preference.

Ice making principle of the ice tube machine

After the refrigeration system normal working, the water in the bottom water bin take form the outlet transported to the inlet of the upper water bin by the chilling pump, and then through the water segregator as a screw flow way along the inner wall of the recuperator tube flowing downward with the refrigerant on the surface of recuperator tube doing heat exchange, then the temperature is reduced, parts of water will be formed ice tube in the inner recuperator tube, the water that don't formed ice after fall of temperature will be flowing into the bottom water bin, the water circulating again and again, so the cold energy will loss just a little.

Tube Ice Maker Machines Application: It can be directly eaten or used to freeze drinks, mix wines, cool foodstuffs, make ice pastries and keep fresh ect.

Tube Ice Maker Machines Full automatically: PLC system controls the whole ice making process.

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